• Tarot for iPad and iPhone

    Tarot for iPad and iPhone

    I’m a big believer in making things simply beautiful, that the correct line is a beatiful […]

  • Testes-de-Perfil-thumb

    Testes de Perfil

    A Facebook app for fun profile games. This is what I would call a “skunkworks” facebook […]

  • bolsadeMulher-thumb

    Bolsa de Mulher

    The biggest internet company focused Women was going through many renovations in 2011 and needed to […]

  • lua-em

    Estrela Guia iPhone

    Understanding how things work is the essence of good design. I’m not personally a fan of […]

  • cartola-thumb


    Cartola is a Fantasy Soccer game created by Globo.com where soccer fans can put their (virtual) […]

  • cuponzal-thumb


    Site for collecting and organizing Deals from deal sites. In 2009-2010 deals sites became a gigantic […]

  • frugar-thumb


    Frugar.com is currently a site for organizing lists of your favorite things – but it wasn’t […]

  • eleicoes-thumb

    Presidential elections live results

    A Webapp for accompanying online the results of the highly digital national Brazilian Election. An intense […]

  • o-globo-thumb

    site O Globo para iPhone

    The mobile site for the biggest newspaper in Latin America. One of our first big clients.

  • Aquatic Sugar

    Aquatic Sugar

    The XO Laptop (aka the $100 dollar laptop) from OLPC had a truly amazing interface design, […]

  • itsy-thumb

    Itsy Deal

    Itsy Deal was built in 2007 as a service that would gather together all blogs that […]

  • diagrams-thumb

    Diagram, Infographs etc

    In a freak chance I’m the author of one of the most used icon in the biggest website on the internet: Wikipedia.

  • monks-thumb

    How to sell Computers to Orthodox Monks

    A video about how technology may affect certain cultures, and what could be changed in the […]

  • iphone-goodies-thumb

    Trânsito iPhone

    The first webapp for traffic in Rio de Janeiro, as far as we know.

  • live-video-thumb

    Live video effects programming

      Experiment. learn new tools. the following are a series of experiments I did when I […]

  • Le Button

    Le Button

    Le Button is one single button that can transform any surface into a radio tuner or […]

  • In Between the Days

    In Between the Days

    A video is about being into a daily routine while your mind wanders throught so many images […]

  • alchemy

    Alchemy of Juices

    Experiment the Alchemy! Can we map something as subjective as tastes? Alchemy of juices is a […]

  • maze-thumb

    the Wall Maze

    Enter the maze Game design and programming. While figuring out an algorithm for building a maze […]

  • laser-thumb

    Laser Chess

    The rule of thumb in the first year of college is: bend the rules to see […]